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Bespeaking love-thirst into spiritual search

Reviews By: Javiad-ur-Rehman

Published By: The Nation, Islamabad. 3rd March, 2006.

Highlighting the soft inner feelings a book Some Moments of Love by a young poet Hamza Hassan Khan has been published.
The writer dedicated the book to his parents. The book consisting of 45 long and short poems on different topics including ‘Valley of love’, ‘A waxen doll’, ‘Dream’, ‘Love in rain’, ‘My Heart’s frame’, ‘Quatrain’, ‘Tears’ and ‘For my love, from my love.’
Hamza Hassan Sheikh is a romantic new voice. “I must refer to my belief that there is a Keats hidden in every person.” Said Ejaz Rahim, adding that “poems with sensuous touch are Hamza’s favourite vocation. He reveals in his instinctive desire to love and to be loved, and that appears to be the fountainhead of his muse.
The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Hamza has taken the first step. In the due course, instinct, emotion and intellect will bear fruit and add new dimensions to his poems.
Giving remarks on young poet Prof. (Dr) Ram Krishna Singh from Indian school of Mines (India) said that Hamza’s lyrical poems bespeak a heightened awareness turning his love-thirst into spiritual search.
The astrayed gipsy in him promises joys of a Sufi wandering against the colours of rainbow, or moon in ‘Lake deep eyes’ embrace with the beloved ‘in rain drops’ or view of decorated garland in her hairs.’
The author of book Hamza Hassan Sheikh said that he opened the eyes in the city of D.I.Khan to feel the fragrance of hurly-burly world. Journey of life passed on by murdering the desires and parching the hopes, which seems like a flash. “I started writing, composing poems in my early youth,” he said, adding that he got myriad treasures of sincere and loving friends.

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