Saturday, December 18, 2010

Shaleen Kumar Singh

Reviewed By: Shaleen Kumar Singh, M.A, LL.B. Sai Neeharika, Patiyali Sarai,
Budaun. U.P. India, Pin-243601

“Hamza Hassan sheikh is a romantic new voice from D.I.Khan….poems with sensuous touch are Hamza’s favorite vocation. He reveals in his instinctive desire to love and to be loved, and that appears to be the fountain-head of his muse.” Says Ejaz Rahim.

The first collection of Hamza is the evidence of revivification of romanticism and reinvention of symbols, imagery, subjectivism, joyous and painful longings, unfulfilled desires, pangs, perforations, and deed ecstasy of a lover. The collection is replete with love and its myriad aspects wherein, from meeting to parting, joys to sorrows, hope to dejection, memory to reality. Everything is transubstantiated into poetry. The book commences with heart-felt and loving dedication to Mr.Mujahid Bashir and poet’s parents that mirrors his love-laden heart which is hinting his feelings towards his friends and patrons as well as the lovers. The first poem crystallizes the feelings of the poet into a solid imagery and eternalizes the beauty:

The moment my eyes crashed with her
I was captured in the cage
Of her blue and crystalline eyes

The poet is always in the quest of knowledge and ideals. His constant search for the eternal makes him to face numberless imageries and inclinations. Sometimes when he inquires about the genesis of poetry, saying:

The question arose, what’s poetry

His hearty replies:

Secret of mind, heart’s speaking
A process to convey message
Sign of sensitivity
A passionate feeling
Like between the ideals.

The metaphorical inclinations of the poet continue up to long and end with a slight different image of drawn by Wordsworth about poetry spontaneous overflow emotions recollected in tranquility, when the poet utters about poetry:

Overflow of emotions
From heart
In the speech of pen.

The collection has beautiful metrical poems imbued with the colours of nature and love. For example in the falling of snow the poet pictures the snowfall beautifully:

On the mountain’s top, in falling of snow,
Sometimes fast like storm, sometimes very slow.

‘A Meeting’ depicts the charming looks of a girl:

Once I meet to a fascinating girl
Her face was glistening like lovely pearl.

The poem ‘Some moments of love’ comprises the conversation of a lover to his love:

She saw towards me and gave me a rose,
A symbol of love as it arose.
Then she said, I love you. Don’t go away
And I will remove the thorns of your way.

The poets projected self is romantic in all senses of the term. He is a love’s traveler untied and unfulfilled:

Just one penny of love
She didn’t give
For my hungry heart
For my thirsty eyes.

The bowl remained empty
Which I wanted so much to fill
For my love
From my love.

Though poet’s imagination soars in the heaven of joy and fantasy, yet his encounter with grim realities of life saddens the poet. Eventually tears become the only outbursts that narrate the whole truth through the eyes:

Sign of grief
Sadness messenger
Love’s failure
Betrayal of friends\pain’s ocean
Which takes birth inside
Then sea water flows
Through eyes.

Despite all such thick and thin, the poet is aware of the role of a true poet. Like Frost he has to thread on a long journey with out taking a breath of rest:

In the tumult of world, I wanted fame,
In the hearts of people, from pole to pole
As I have no title before my name
I will try all the best to play my role.

To sum up it can be said that the fragrance and grandeur of poet’s poetic flower will bloom ever more in the garden of poetry sand it is hoped that the poet will weave more wraths of verses in the years to come and will not stop.

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